Speak English with Parlo

Immerse yourself in captivating videos that seamlessly blend entertainment with educational insights.

Meet your virtual teacher, Charlie, based in London, who will guide learners through each lesson, while delivering an entertaining and effective learning experience.

Engaging Content

Interactive Learning

After each video, test your knowledge with interactive quizzes and voice recognition exercises.

Practice speaking English with confidence, ensuring that you not only comprehend the material but also develop practical language skills.

Interactive Learning

Parlo is designed for learners starting from scratch. No prior knowledge of English is necessary. Our platform is designed to meet you where you are.

Feel empowered to take the first step towards conversational confidence with our user-friendly and accessible platform.

Zero Prerequisites

The perfect blend of entertainment and education


Enjoy our fun and interactive bite-sized videos presented by Charlie, a London-based teacher.

Real conversations
in action

Be joined by on screen students learning at the same pace as you, while hearing from funny characters across the UK.

No experience

Test and practice your knowledge with interactive quizzes and voice recognition to perfect your skills.

Practical and

Learn wherever and whenever you want, adapting classes to your routine and individual needs.